But before we move, let’s go on an adventure.

Today is the last day of May. Time is moving so freaking fast. The husband and I decided to go on a vacation before the big move. We went to Ecuador, that way we killed two birds with one stone. We visited family and took some days to ourselves.

The beauty of Ecuador is that you can go from the beach to the Andes mountains and then to the jungle in just s few hours. We had such a blast. The husband got to see volcanoes, exotic animals, majestic beaches, huge waterfalls and much more. His favorite thing was riding the train to The Devil’s Nose near Alausi in the Andes.

Back home now. I am no longer employed and dedicated myself to prepare everything for the move. At the moment, we are working on selling our house. It has been on the market for almost a week and we’ve had about 6 showings. We took four days off to enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday. We are already on German holiday mode. Crossing fingers that all goes well with the sale. It’s hard to find someone that will wait to move in until the end of August, but I know we will.


About Frau Frey

Happily married to my best friend. I have two wonderful children, one 28 and one 19. The purpose of this blog is to chronicle the changes we are making in the next 15 months. Our daughter's going away to college and our move back to my husband's home in Germany.
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