But before we move, let’s go on an adventure.

Today is the last day of May. Time is moving so freaking fast. The husband and I decided to go on a vacation before the big move. We went to Ecuador, that way we killed two birds with one stone. We visited family and took some days to ourselves.

The beauty of Ecuador is that you can go from the beach to the Andes mountains and then to the jungle in just s few hours. We had such a blast. The husband got to see volcanoes, exotic animals, majestic beaches, huge waterfalls and much more. His favorite thing was riding the train to The Devil’s Nose near Alausi in the Andes.

Back home now. I am no longer employed and dedicated myself to prepare everything for the move. At the moment, we are working on selling our house. It has been on the market for almost a week and we’ve had about 6 showings. We took four days off to enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday. We are already on German holiday mode. Crossing fingers that all goes well with the sale. It’s hard to find someone that will wait to move in until the end of August, but I know we will.

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What do you mean it’s almost Christmas?

12295252_10207368960077885_3935290174590407315_nI have come to the conclusion that blogging is not my thing. It just takes dedication and time (which I truly lack-time that is). I don’t care about being seen, read or liked. I just want to be able to look back, read my notes and reminisce.

With that being said, let’s catch up. What’s been going on?

The Child moved out of the house and into the dorms. Her first semester of college is officially over and she did quite well. She is back home for a couple of weeks.

The Big Child has gone thru a bit of a rough time lately. Her father passed away about a month ago. It was unexpected and sudden. He was only 49. It has really hit her hard, but she is a fighter and is working thru it.

The In-Laws came to visit for about 10 days. We went to Cape Canaveral and did the NASA thing. Spent some time at the beach, visited with my family here and did Thanksgiving. Papa says that it was the first time that he enjoyed visiting the US. We even took them to Little Havana and it was a blast. They loved plantains (sweet and salty, but especially sweet).

Papa told us to think twice about going to Germany, since we are doing so well here. Of course they would love to have us nearby. He said that they would support us and love us on whatever we decided and understood that it was a tough decision. After they left, we started having doubts about the move. I am not a religious person, but I prayed that we could receive a sign to guide us on the right direction. Last week at work, we were informed that they will have to cut 5% of our work force globally. A lot of us were offered Voluntary Separation Packages. It was the sign we were looking for. After discussing it with The Hubs, I signed up. The timing could not be better. It feels kind of weird to know that I will not be working in a few months. I know it will be a temporary thing, so I plan on using the time wisely and get the move all organized.

Christmas is in 8 days and I am looking forward to having both kids with us. We have planned some stuff that will be fun. I am grateful for this opportunity to be together for our last holiday season in the US.

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Summer happenings

So much has happened since my last post. The child graduated from High School. Proud mom moment: She was on the the 5% of her class, so graduated Summa Cum Laude. She is officially registered at FIU (will be studying Women/Gender Studies and Theater) and will be moving into the dorm in just four weeks.

College shopping has been bitter sweet. It’s great to see how much fun she has picking out the items she needs. She is so frugal! Obviously not takes after me.

A few weeks ago, we went on a 6 day vacation to New York City. It was wonderful. I got to do all the touristy things that I didn’t do when I lived there. One of the highlights was watching Phantom of the Opera. The child cried from excitement when the music started.

While we were in the Big Apple, I got to see my oldest daughter, who lives there. I am so proud of the responsible, hard working woman she has become.

I still have to register for German 3. I thought about saving money and doing free online lessons, but it really isn’t for me. I need that face to face teaching. Besides, I miss my classmates and teacher. We have such a great time together._dsc1715_19638800771_o _dsc1826_19011793584_o _dsc1997_19011808734_o

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So much to learn

You would think that 12 months is plenty of time to take care of everything, but time is a tricky little bastard. It sneaks up on you.

The first thing I need to do is improve German. I am currently taking German 2 at Miami-Dade. German 1 was at FIU, which was much more fast paced and intense. Sadly, they did not have German 2 during the evenings, so a few of us could continue there. Last night we had a test on  Past Participle. The teacher let us have a list of verbs and their past tense. The irregular ones are tricky, but it’s getting better every day.

Another thing I need to learn is how to drive a stick shift. I want to take my car, but The Hubs says it’s not cost effective. He loves driving standard and we agreed that our first car over there would be his choice. Happy Hubs=Happy live.

There are a lot of little things that I keep of thinking about, like how to read the train maps, the proper recycling procedures, etc. I know these things don’t matter until we are there, so I am trying to put it all in the back burner and not over think it all. For now, will concentrate on getting thru The Child’s Senior Year and getting the College situation all set up.

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How I met the German family

Let me start by saying that my husband and his father did not speak for years. Papa was angry at him for being with the ex.

A few months after my husband and I moved in together, we went to Germany to do the official family introduction. I specifically told the Hubs that I wanted us to sleep in separate rooms, out of respect for his parents. I mean, it was the first time they met me and I was going to be shacking up with him? No way. I was not brought up that way.

There was a lot of pain in the family. The Hubs and his sister shook hands as a greeting. It was like they were strangers. His father and he got into a huge fight. At that point, I intervened.  I calmed Hubs down and asked for his help translating. I told Papa that I knew there had been a lot of deceit but it will not be the case with me. We made a promise that we would always tell them the truth, no matter what that is. By the end of that visit, things were still cold but not as bad as when we got there.

The next time we went, there was a huge family event and things were much better. Hubs and Papa were on nicer terms. They were able to discuss financial matters without screaming. Papa even asked me to be the official photographer for the event. Afterwards, we reviews the pictures together and got some printed out. He was very happy with us, but still a bit distant.

This past summer, we went again. Boy, how things have changed. Hugs and kisses all around. No more hand shakes at all. The boys (nephews) are getting a  little bigger and it’s nice. We got to do so much with them. Hubs and Papa were like best friends. Mama has always been sweet. She is a true angel. I understood a lot of what they were saying, even if I could not speak too much. We even took a short trip with Mama and Papa to Dachau and Munich. Papa was like a kid. He wanted to show me everything there is to see.

They had just purchased a very nice furnished apartment in Limburgerhof (which is the town next to theirs-Neuhofen) and that is where we stayed. Papa kept on pointing out how nice and comfortable the apartment was to us. Kinda to try and convince us to move (he made other little insinuations here and there). It was truly adorable. Hi sister, on the other hand, was very upfront about it. She just straight out told us that she wanted us to live there and that we should move soon. She has been taking intensive English and teaching the kids (I sent them some books, as well). We have all been closely in touch ever since. Thank goodness for Skype!

Two weekends ago, during my in-laws’ bi-weekly call, my husband mentioned to them that I was doing good with my German classes. My mother-in-law wanted to say hello, so I spoke with her in German. While I was speaking with her, my father-in-law was telling her that he wanted to talk also. He was so excited that we could communicate better. He asked me why I was studying the language so intensively. I told him it was because we were moving back next year for sure. He knew we were thinking about it, but not that it was a sure thing. He was so happy. He said they would celebrate that night.

This weekend, I got a call from my sister-in-law. This in nothing new, we talk all the time. She is more like a real sister to me. She wanted to know if they (her, her husband and the kids) could come for Easter 2016. She wasn’t sure if we would be gone by then. I told her that it would be perfect. We can move right after they leave. She can help me sort what to take and what to leave behind. Why is this a huge deal? She has never been to the US. She is afraid of flying.

She also mentioned that their parents are coming this year and they will call us this coming weekend to sort our the schedule. I can’t even begin to express how happy we are with all this.

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